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Don't forget to turn up your volume!

randRange( 0, 9) new Array("Get Louder","Get Quieter","Play Loudly","Play Very Loudly","Play Moderately Loud","Play Moderately Quiet","Play Quietly","Play Very Quietly", "Play Suddenly Loud", "Play Suddenly Quiet")

If we see this symbol in a piece of music it is telling us to . . .

  • Get Louder
  • Get Quieter
  • Play Loudly
  • Play Very Loudly
  • Play Moderately Loud
  • Play Moderately Quiet
  • Play Quietly
  • Play Very Quietly
  • Play Suddenly Loud
  • Play Suddenly Quiet
randRange( 0, 9) new Array("Crescendo","Diminuendo","Forte","Fortissimo","Mezzo Forte","Mezzo Piano","Piano","Pianissimo","Subito Forte","Subito Piano")

The italian musical term described by this symbol is?

  • Crescendo
  • Diminuendo
  • Forte
  • Fortissimo
  • Mezzo Forte
  • Mezzo Piano
  • Piano
  • Pianissimo
  • Subito Forte
  • Subito Piano
randRange( 0, 5) new Array("pp","p","mp","mf","f","ff")

How do we represent this instruction in standard music notation? Use lowercase (eg. ff for "Play Very Loudly")

Play Very Quietly

Play Quietly

Play Moderately Quiet

Play Moderately Loud

Play Loudly

Play Very Loudly